Our Low Fees, Flexible Billing Arrangements and Payment Options

Most everyone hates to pay lawyers. People complain about high fees, lack of personal attention and lack of results!

At Berns & Berns, we listen – and have been listening for 40 years. And we understand what being a client of a lawyer is like, since in some of our own ventures we have hired lawyers ourselves. That is why we offer a broad range of flexible billing arrangements and payment options for our clients. These billing arrangements and options can drastically reduce your legal costs, allow you to budget more accurately and align Berns & Berns’ interests and goals with yours. These arrangements and options include fixed fee arrangements and “success fee” arrangements. And there are others.

Because we are small we can be flexible in our fee arrangements with clients  – and can deliver unparalleled service, usually for less than other quality lawyers charge.

How can we do this? There are several reasons:

Concentration on only a few areas

We concentrate on only a few areas. Areas in which we have a wealth of practical experience and knowledge. This gives us uncommon focus and efficiency and speed – for you.

Our Work is Hands-On

We are hands-on attorneys and do your work ourselves and do not engage teams of younger lawyers to do your work. This is in stark contrast to what almost always occurs at medium and large law firms. Since we do not use younger lawyers, you do not pay for them; you don’t pay for their training, for their benefits, or for their lack of experience. In a nutshell, we simply work more efficiently than larger law firms.

No Bureaucracy

We have no bureaucracy at Berns & Berns. Bureaucracies add to costs and delays. As a consequence, we are able to analyze matters quickly and provide advice when it is needed so that you can act in a timely way.

Low Overhead

We don’t have a high overhead at Berns & Berns– overhead which you have to pay for. We believe that most clients, especially today, are concerned with getting the most value for their money. We know that many resent the dining rooms, fancy art work and lavish offices of their lawyers. We don’t need these things – never have and never will. And if we don’t pay for them, you don’t either.

That is how we are able to offer a wide choice in billing arrangements. Arrangements which are sensitive to your needs, control legal bills and contribute to Berns & Berns’ delivery of incomparable value to our clients.

Flexible Fee Arrangements

Before you hire us, and we agree to begin work for you, we will work out a fee arrangement, including payment options, with you – and put it in writing – and in plain English.

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